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Reviews From Our Patients

"Thank you!"

Dear Samir,

I just wanted to thank you for the great job and for your pleasant manner. I am deeply appreciative.

Sincerely, Kim

Five Stars-

"It truly made a difference in my life!"

Hi Dr. Undavia,

It’s been a couple months sine my nose surgery and since then, I can breathe with ease! It felt great not having to carry a tissue box around during my last days of high school and getting asked the question “are you sick” all the time.

I don’t know if it’s just me overthinking things, but I’m pretty sure everything smells and tastes better. I’m able to enjoy the smell of food that so many people take for granted. And for years, I wasn’t able to properly smell flowers, but now I can!

Anyways, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you helping me this winter/spring. It truly made a difference in my life!

Patient – C.Y.

Five Stars-

"If there was a way to rate him higher than a 5 star, I would do it."

Its 1:30pm on a Friday afternoon and my 5 y/o son somehow lodged an earbud in his nose. We immediately took him to his pediatrician who could not get it out. She suggested that we go to the pediatric ENT instead of the E.R. However all of the ENT’s that she is affiliated with were not available (I mentioned that it is a Friday afternoon). We decided to try Pediatric Urgent Car as opposed to going to the ER. Bad decision.

The Urgent Care doctor was completely unprofessional, unsanitary and inexplicably very rough with my son; spending 20 minutes sticking the wrong tool in my screaming sons ear. We walked out of there furious. At this point, and after trying two different doctors we prepared to head to the ER. It is now 4:30PM on a Friday afternoon in the summertime (RUSH HOUR). I decided to try a search on google for the closest ENT in hope that there would be one close by.

That’s when my luck changed for the better. I found Princeton Eye and Ear, called and explained to them what we went through. The staff was extremely polite and accommodating. They directed us to the Medical Arts Pavilion at Princeton Hospital. We got there at 4:55PM ( 5 minutes before they close). We were in the exam less than ten minutes after that.

Enter Dr. Samir Undavia, He immediately came in an put my son at ease with his friendly and calming disposition. He told my son exactly what he was going to do and comforted him throughout the process. Then in his first attempt, and with exquisite skill he removed the earbud in 2 seconds. I couldn’t believe it. We went to two different doctors and spent the last 3+ hours driving around with a distraught child and Dr. Undavia removed the object within the 12 minutes we were in his office. If there was a way to rate him higher than a 5 star, I would do it. I will be using him going forward and I would greatly recommend him to anyone!

Patient – R.C.

Five Stars-

Regarding Rakesh Patel, MD

Staff were very professional, courteous, and friendly. Dr Patel was caring and I found him very helpful.

– K.T.

Five Stars-

Regarding Chetan Shah, MD

Good visit. Well taken care of, explained the situation to me in a way that was understandable. Answered all my questions.

– R.L.

Five Stars-

Regarding Samir Undavia, MD

“I am a 34 year old female scientist. As a scientist, I have always prided myself on looking at function over form. That said, I am still a woman and look back now at pictures of myself in my 20’s and think “Wow. I thought I was so unattractive then but I wish I looked like that now. ” I’ve accepted my greying hair and made no efforts to change that. I’m happy with how my body looks because one thing I’ve kept up is exercising. However, I have a frown line that is now the only thing I see when I look in the mirror. I tried every face cream, every make-up, had my eyes and sinuses checked to see if they were causing the line, and even trimmed my hair to have bangs. All of these avenues pointed to the simple fact that I am now 34 and this is just my first wrinkle and in an unfortunate spot. I was referred to Dr. Undavia by another respected physician who suggested I get Botox because I felt so uncomfortable about the frown line. I was so nervous to have the procedure done that I called Dr. Undavia’s office on a Friday morning and asked to please be scheduled in immediately. Dr. Undavia and his staff were kind enough to fit me in the same day. The doctor was very open and honest and made the procedure virtually painless. I am very happy with the procedure and the results. Ladies, it has only been 6 days and the line is pretty much gone. I went to Dr.Undavia, knowing he would be more expensive than less experienced practioners, because he actually performs ear, nose and throat surgery as well as cosmetic surgery. I don’t know about you, but I only want someone with the ultimate expertise in the muscles of the face to inject something into mine. He was so understanding and he even told me that I could come back in three days if I didn’t like what it looked like and give me injections in a couple of more places for a very reduced price. I have to tell you all that I feel much more confident about what I look like. I know that some of us (including myself) want to pride ourselves on our intellect and character above all else. I have come to terms with the idea that receiving a little botox does not compromise my intellect nor my character. It simply helped me feel a little better about my physical appearance. I don’t see the harm in that nor do I any longer subscribe to the belief that caring about my physical appearance means that I have accepted a traditional female role in a male dominated society. This simply isn’t the case. We all (i.e. men and women) want to feel good about ourselves. There is no harm in that. I will tell you this. If and when I have follow-up injections, the ONLY doctor I will trust with my face is Dr. Undavia.”

– C.F.


Five Stars-

Regarding Samir Undavia, MD

Dear Dr. Undavia,

Thank you so much for all your help with the surgery, both before and after. Your insight and knowledge about the whole procedure kept me from being nervous and I knew I was in great hands. Thanks again for taking great care of me!

Kristopher B.

Five Stars-