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Kybella is a new product used to dissolve fat in certain areas of the face and neck.  Currently, it is FDA approved to treat the submental region, or the area underneath the chin.  Kybella® is great for people who have attempted weight loss and have this area of the face stubbornly resistant to diet and exercise.  Kybella® is a great alternative to someone who needs liposuction but doesn’t have the ability for downtime.  It also is great for patients who just need a small amount of fat dissolved, not worth undergoing general anesthesia for it. 

The procedure typically begins after placing ice or a numbing agent on the areas to be treated.  The product is injected into the areas of concern.  Afterward, it’s common to have swelling that can last from 2-7 days.  Typically treatments are repeated at least 1-2 times, and sometimes more depending on the volume of fat to be dissolved. 

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